Survival Kit:Multiply Your Chances to Survive

Many of us had heard before the terms survival kit, personal survival kit, urban survival kit and other similar kit. At the market you can find many kinds of survival kits of different size, small for pocket carry or bigger in tin or plastic containers. Some have a lot of items, others had less items. If you look carefully, some of the items that included in these kits are the same. Why? Because all kits are based on the same principals; to provide you items that will cover the basic needs like fire, shelter, water and multiply your chances of survival and possibly rescue in emergency situations.

The most important needs to have in mind when assemble a survival kit are cutting tools, fire, shelter, water, cover, orientation and signaling. Many people are familiar with the 5C’s and if you based your kit having these 5 essentials in mind, you will end up with a very good kit. The kit should also be tailored on your own standards but you must have always in mind that you must cover the most basic needs. Another factor, you should consider is the terrain that you are living or going for outdoor activities…you might need different things at forest, desert/dry environment or at tropical area.

You must consider, also that the items that you are willing to add to your kit must be tested before and prove their value. It is always better to know what a specific item can do before you included in your kit. Always test your gear. You can pick items that can have more than one uses too. For example a safety pin can make a very nice fishing hook. When you have decided what items you would like your survival kit has, put them preferably inside a waterproof and airtight box, or tin or any other container you like. Never opened the survival kit again, unless the time and need for it has arrived.

Picture 1: Waterproof bag that contains my survival kit

I keep the items of my survival kit in a waterproof and airtight container for maximizing the protection of my items. I have put together this kit based on the area I live now; which is less than four miles from the sea and about 15 miles from a woodland area. At 50 miles from my town there is two locations covered with thousand acres of forest and lot of small creeks and river. I have searched these areas and I had found my SHTF camp bases there.

Picture 2: Plano Molding waterproof and air tight box.

Analyzing the Items of the Survival Kit and Their Uses

This kit contains tools that will help me to make a fire, construct a shelter, and carry water. Also it will help me to catch food and repair my clothes or gear if needed. Some of these items have multipurpose uses too that will explained further on. The items I had chosen for my kit are based on mine knowledge, and skill set and are tailored to my needs. These items work for me, but maybe not for someone else.Let’s see all the items and explain their purpose and usefulness. First are the items that make my fire kit.

Picture 3:My fire kit

My fire kit items consist from a Bic lighter, a small ferrocerium rod, five waterproof matches with their striker and a small Live Fire tinder box. This tinder can also be used for emergency light. In a forest area you can find tinder, for example pine needles, fatwood or birch bark but having ready tinder in any case is a great preparation. Also this tinder is waterproof, so you can start a fire in a rainy day. The ferrocerium rod will help you when the lighter’s fluid or the matches end.

Next are some items that are my repairing kit plus small tools that will help in different tasks.

Picture 4:Repair kit

From left to right you can see a can opener three large safety pins, a small folding saw, a small folding razor blade, a duct tape role, a needle and some thread. These items can have many uses. The safety pins can be used for keeping your clothes together but also and as fishing hooks. The small razor blade is great for cleaning fish and prepares small game. It will stay sharp for about a month, if I don’t use it on hard materials. You must care and preserve the blade of your main knife. The thread has a lot of uses; not only you can patch your clothes or gear, but you can use it as dental floss or cordage. The canvas needle is a heavy duty #14 needle. Because the eyelet is wide I can use sinew for sewing. Also it can pass through leather because of the bigger and harder tip. The duct tape can be used for repairs and as adhesive tape for small wounds too. The small saw can be handy and helpful for shelter building and processing wood for the fire.

I have included a small fishing kit to my survival kit, because as I had mentioned earlier sea is close and my bug-out locations are near river too. So I have good chances to find food. This is a ready kit, made by BCB Company. It has two hooks, two lures, two swivels, two weights, winder and approximately 100ft line.

Picture 5:BCB fishing kit

For carrying water and disinfect it, I added a small zip lock bag and few water purification tablets. The best way to have clean water is to boil it but if for some reason you cannot build a fire then the tablets can help you drink safe water.I have also included a magic tissue, which is a shrunk towel that gets larger when you put it in water. It will be useful for cleaning yourself somehow, in an outdoor-survival scenario.

Picture 6:Zip lock bag,water purification tablets and the magic tissue

For general direction use I had added a small button compass to my kit. It’s handy and useful if you don’t have any other mean to check your direction.

Picture 7: Button compass

A survival kit will help you to improve your chances of surviving if you ever faced a difficult situation. The items that you have included in your kit will help you to survive along with your mentality and initiative. Don’t expect to survive only because you have the best survival kit. You must consider that your survival kit is the catalyst, the ‘bonus’factor that will help you in a survival situation. The main tool you should have in your kit is your personal skills. These skills you have to develop first and these are the first things that must be included in your survival kit.




Live Fire Gear

Light my fire





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