A Hunting Pack Load for Day Trips


Christmas are around the corner and the hunting season is at high peak here.The season started late August but not all game was allowed for hunting.After September 15th,rabbit,warthog and grouse season started,so more hunters got involved.

At the beggining of the hunting season,i used to carry a haversack with some essential items.The days were much hotter than now and light clothing and gear was prefered.For this time of year,i had managed to acquire one Scout Pack,from Duluth Packs.I wanted for years to get one Duluth Pack and i finally made it.

The pack i picked is a brown color pack and i have to admit that the quality is excellent.Very good canvas quality and excellent double stiching.The leather straps are of excellent quality leather.The shoulders straps are pretty comfortable,despite the missing of padding.Very impressive pack;i like a lot the traditional look it has.

I have loaded the pack with the items i used to carry to the haversack.These are; a first aid kit,a 270z stainless steel bottle,a titanium cup,a kupilka cup,paracord,three tent stakes,a poncho(for make a shelter or wear it,in case of unexpected rain),a space blanket,an emergency sleeping bag,a bandana,a small cloth bag,a tin (with few essentials like duct tape,emergency whistle,fire steel) and a toilet paper.I also carry couple plastics bags,to pick up my empty shells and my trash, and in case i find any wild edibles plants.

Scout Pack contents

This load is great for spending few hours at the hunting spot.I usually start hunting around 07:00 at the morning and finishes around 10:30.The most common game I am going for are quails,dovetails,rabbits,woodpigeon,partridge.╬čccasionaly ducks.For this season and for time i am spending at the field these items are just fine.I also have my hunting belt on me,which has my knife,a LTWK Maverick Scout on my right side and two small pouches where i keep my shells,a #8 Opinel folder and a spare fire steel.

I would like to mension to all fellow hunters always follow the safety rules,respect the Nature(not trash and spending shells at the ground) and the game.

Happy hunting trips to all and Merry Christmas!