First impressions of Esbit Dual Fuel Cook Set

So far i have used for cooking kits many different choices.I mean,i have a percolator for my coffee, a small 12cm Zebra pot,an MSR 750ml pot,couple stainless cups.Depending on what i was going out for and for how long,some or most of them were my cooking kit.I like  it very much when i start my camp fire and cook my meals there;who doesn’t after all?

I had the luck to get one Esbit Cook Set as Christmas gift from a very good friend and i thought that i could share couple of my thoughts with you.I have to say that it will not be 100% review because i can’t find any denatured alcohol here,for unknown reasons and i had tried only Esbit fuel tablets and Fire Dragon gel fuel tablets from BCB company.

The cooking set comes in two mesh bags.The bigger bag keeps the pot and the pan,while the smaller mesh bag keeps the base,the alcohol burner and the solid fuel stand. This way the whole set nests inside the big pot and takes minimum space in the pack.

The cookset in the mesh bag.

The cookset is made of light,hard anodized aluminum,except the alcohol burner of course,which is made of solid brass.The whole system weights 459gr/ 16.065 oz. Hard anodized aluminum is a very good alternative to titanium cookware.It doesn’t weight to much and it also doesn’t cost as much as titanium. This set looks very well made.The two pots have  fold out stainless steel handes,which are covered with some sort of plastic material to avoid burning your hands.The big pot has measurements at the side, from 200ml -750 ml/12oz-24oz.This helps when you need to boil the right amount of water for cooking or making a brew.


I wanted to try the BCB’s Fire Dragon gel tablets,and see if i can use them with this set.It’s good to have some alternatives.The Fire Dragon tablets are bigger and taller than the normal fuel tablets.Also,after  catches fire they liquidate,so you have to avoid any fuel leak.

BCB Fire Dragon fuel

Obvious,you can’t use the solid fuel stand with the traditional way…So,i make a small “pot” from aluminum foil to place the gel tablet and i use the stand reversed…

With this way,i managed to boil water to make a very nice cup of cocoa,during a brake from a short hiking.The water boiled in around 6-7 minutes.


I am very pleased with this set.It is lightweight,compact and comes very handy in places where open fires aren’t allowed.You can make a brew or boil water for dehydrated meals easily.You can use the alcohol burner and fuel tablets and i think with the trick i made gel tablets are good option too.It won’t replace completely my other devices,but i can use it during short hike or when i am going for day hunting and during the season where open fires aren’t allowed.Personally,i recommend this cookset to anyone who is looking for a good quality cooking kit.

Thank you Brian for your very nice gift!