LTWK Genesis:report after three years of use

It’s been three years since i purchased my LTWK Genesis,the first model LT offered after the split of Blind Horse Knives.I managed to score one of the first run(the first run were 100 knives made and have PT stamped on them)with beautiful Desert Ironwood scales.It’s the only knife i have got that has such scales.For the last three years it’s always on my right side every time i am camping at the woods.I can’t say that i had abused it alot,but it has been put in use many times.

The knife is made from A2 steel,which holds the edge longer than O1 and resists corrosion much better.It’s my favorite steel by far!The thickness of the knife is 1/8”(3.175mm).The knife has a spear point and has a scandi grind.You can also find it with flat grind and convex grind and also in 3v and AEB-L steel now,but the first run came in scandi grind,high polished with zero degree edge.The handles is straight and are attached with two fish eye bolts and have a lanyard hole. The overall length of the knife is 9”(22.86cm).The blade length is 4.25”(10.795cm) which is a very common length for bushcraft type knives.The spine is sharpened,so you can through sparks from a ferro rod or scratching bark to collect tinder.Another great feauture is the thumb scallops that allows better control while performing some tasks,like carving.

Notice at the pictures the PT stamp and the LTWK stamp.Also,see how the light condition effects on the beautiful Desert Ironwood handles.

The high polished scandi grind is perfect at wood working.I have make feather sticks many times,made notches and i also had removed the bark from couple walking sticks that i had made these past years.The knife excels at these tasks.I had also used it at camp kitchen sometimes with no problems.The disadvantage of a scandi grind knife as kitchen knife is that you will get more chunky pieces of meat or vegetables when you cut them,but if you don’t care about that then there isn’t much of trouble!Personally it doesn’t bother me alot.

Pictures above show a feather stick and a bag of shavings.I use to keep some shavings for tinder(for the fireplace during winter).I don’t have the best technique on feather sticks but the Genesis helps make nice curls.

Now,i haven’t used the knife to skin game while hunting;i tend to carry a flat grind knife(LTWK Maverick Scout) at my hunting trips.Anyway,the Genesis performs excellent after three years.I am very pleased with it.Sharpening isn’t hard at all.The knife hardly shows signs of year;there are no rusty spots at all.I do however take care of it just like all my gear.The LTWK shop offers lifetime warranty and ‘spa’ treatment if you ever get your knife into much abuse.For more information on knife spa, you can contact the LTWK shop.

The Genesis is a true STAR and you can find out that yourself, if you purchase one and if you are watching History’s channel ALONE reality show;it’s the only knife that had been carried from participants in all three seasons.And that says a LOT!